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1) NO spawn camping at all, none! This means NADES in spawn, at or on a spawn ramp, shooting into the spawn, shooting out of spawn, shooting off the spawn wall, shooting players as they exit the spawn before hitting the ground or camping a spawn ramp. Grab the flag and move on. Dropping a nade as you cap said flag is ok.

2) NO reload glitiching (pistol rolling scripts) etc...if you don`t know what we mean by this..don't worry...if you do...don`t do it. If it's part of the game that you can change, fine. A script NO.

3) NO racial slurs, this includes racial names, talk or typing in chat. Anything racist. We don't want that here/you here and will not put up with it. No second warning, permanent ban, no unban.

4) DO not talk shit or disrespect your hosts (this is our server, Neo|SR, and you are a guest) play with respect.

5) NO hacking / cheating / scripting to gain an advantage. WE know there are still web sites still creating hacks for this game. We see you double hopping in game, you will be watched/kicked and or banned.

6) DO NOT ARGUE WITH ADMINS WHAT SO EVER, right or wrong, they have the call! Post on the forums if you don't like it. We have a server e-mail for this. This is NOT CAL or any other League and WE DO NOT CARE what their rules are or were. FOLLOW OURS!

7) NO nade glitching or zook(IE piat, bazooka) glitching, IE, do not shoot at the ceiling or floor unless it's the only angle you can fire it.

8) NO map glitching of any kind. If you can see players through walls were your at that is a map glitch, don't do it.

9) NO boosting to get on roof's. If you can get there alone fine.

10) NO trolling, no one likes a key board warrior, you will be muted. Bypassing that will result in a temp ban who ever you are.

11) Normal chatter is fine, don't have a 10 minute discussion about whatever, you are playing a game, not on the phone, use steam chat/a discord server please.

12) This IS an Adult server, but keep it PG rated. DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL and keep it clean please.

13) Don't spam the mic.

14) If you are caught hop/crouch/bunny hopping here that is a script, you will be kicked, then banned if you come back still doing that.

15) If you have a VAC ban of any kind, don't play here. You will be banned from here also.

16) If you're kicked or banned, it was for a violation of server rules.

17) There will not be any disrespect between clan members or players.

18) NO Politics whatsoever. A comment in the heat of things, fine. One comment only then stop. Or you will get kicked, does not matter who you are.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be warned either over the mic, with a psay message (don't ignore them, we know you can see them), a PM message or a simple kick from the server. If you were kicked, ask why (if your clueless) and think about what you said/did.

Keep breaking the rules after being warned and you will get a 5 minute ban to start.

Real simple, nice and follow our rules or with respect, or leave, or get banned.

This makes the game more fun for everyone else who is playing by the rules. This is after all a FLAG CAPTURE GAME, NOT HOW MANY KILLS YOU CAN GET PER MAP.

Thank you for following the rules, enjoy your time playing here!